TikTok Time Traveler

By Joyce VFM

One TikTok user has recently posted an interesting video that claims he has time-traveled from 2096 to 2024. He says that in 2024 the world will be hit by a new pandemic that will start in a third-world country and spread throughout the world. This new disease will be preceded by the discovery of huge underground creatures and aliens.


If you have been following the time-travel phenomenon on social media, you may have come across videos by the 2028man. The time traveler videos on YouTube are popular with people who claim to be from the future. They usually involve men who claim to have access to important information. In a recent video, the 2028man predicted that Hurricane Kyle would hit Houston on August 10, making the disaster more destructive than Hurricane Katrina.

In less than a month, the 2028man has already gained 170,000 followers. Some of his predictions have been proven to be false. From global wifi outages to celebrity scandals, his predictions are not to be trusted. However, many of his followers still trust his predictions. The 2028man has also set up a merch store.

The video’s author claims to be Javier, a time traveler from the future who has been stuck in 2028. He claims to have been trapped in 2028 for 340 days. He has also claimed that the year 2028 will end in human extinction in two to three years.


A time-traveler who claims to be from the year 2029 has made his way to YouTube with his latest video. The 2029man, a man who calls himself ‘The Messenger,’ claims to have important information to share with us. His videos have gone viral, and one in particular predicted that Hurricane Kyle will hit Houston on Aug. 10 – and it will be more powerful than Katrina.

While some onlookers are amused by his predictions, others are worried and anxious. CNN has reached out to the 2029man to get his take on the predictions. He hasn’t responded to requests for comment. However, he did open a merch store.

This isn’t the only video from a time traveller. Another TikTok user claims to be a time-traveler and has traveled to the year 2023 and the year 2906. He frequently posts videos that predict the upcoming major events of the year 2024. While it’s unlikely that he is actually traveling back in time, he makes videos with the hopes of preventing future disasters.

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