Organize Your Tax Paperwork With GruntWorx Pricing

By Joyce VFM


Organize Lite

If you’re looking for a low-cost entry-level solution that provides the same features as its premium counterparts, check out Organize Lite from GruntWorx. The service converts client documents into searchable PDFs without the need for manual validation. Its fast turnaround time means you can process your client’s work papers in minutes, while enjoying lower costs.

Organize Lite pricing is as low as 5 cents per page, while Organize Professional, Enterprise, and Trades editions cost up to 20 cents per page. The premium options offer human data validation services, but they’re more expensive than the Organize Lite version. If you want to know what you’ll be spending before you make the decision to sign up, you can use the cost estimator on the GruntWorx website.

The company also offers support and user help in a variety of ways. For example, users can find webinars, set-up guides, and tutorials. They also have a comprehensive FAQ page and white papers. You can also try a free trial version to see how it works before committing to a purchase. In addition to that, GruntWorx offers phone support during regular business hours. You can also send a request through their website.

GruntWorx’s pricing is increasing, effective July 1, 2022. However, the company is committed to providing customers with the best products at the lowest prices while still ensuring maximum flexibility and choice. For new customers, they offer a free TTC license. This license is good for one year and then costs $60 annually.

GruntWorx’s Organize software saves tax professionals hours of labor each day by automatically indexing source documents. This allows the professional staff to focus on higher value activities such as client service. The software can be used by any size firm. It offers unparalleled accuracy thanks to patented data validation services.


If you’re looking for software to organize your tax paperwork, GruntWorx has a solution. It’s a cloud-based solution that integrates with popular tax programs, including Intuit Lacerte and CCH ProSystem fx Tax. It also supports human validation. The software will automatically identify scanned documents and organize them so you can sort them easily and accurately. It creates bookmarks for each document so all of the PDFs are organized in the same order. It also has an option called Populate, which allows you to import trade details from brokerage statements into the software.

GruntWorx pricing is set to increase effective July 1, 2022. This change is intended to give users greater flexibility and choice. The company is still committed to offering the best possible quality for the lowest price. To get a taste of the new pricing plan, you can sign up for a free trial license. This license is good for one year, and then renews for $60 per year.

Pricing for GruntWorx products varies depending on the number of pages, forms, or trades that you need organized. The Organize Lite edition costs five cents per page, while the Organize Pro edition costs 20 cents per page. The Trades option, which includes human data validation, costs 15 cents per trade. The Populate feature, which requires the user to fill out forms, costs 75 cents per form. A cost calculator is available on the company’s website. It helps you determine what each edition will cost after you’ve used it for a while.

GruntWorx has many integration options with popular tax preparation applications. Some of them include CCH Axcess, Intuit Lacerte, Drake Software, and UltraTax CS. The software is also compatible with a variety of PDF editing software. It also has commenting capabilities, which will allow users to add notes to PDF files.

Organize Trades

If you’re a day trader, you may be wondering if you should organize trades with GruntWorx pricing. Although it’s not the most affordable option, GruntWorx can scan and attach trade details to your returns. Rather than manually entering thousands of crypto or stock trades, you can let the software do it for you.

GruntWorx is a web-based platform that integrates with popular tax preparation programs. It supports CCH Axcess, Intuit Lacerte, Drake Software, and Ultra Tax CS. The software is cloud-based and available in five editions. You can purchase the Trades edition, which automatically imports your brokerage statements. The Populate feature enables you to add notes or comments to PDFs.

Prices vary depending on the edition you purchase. The Organize Lite edition costs five cents per page. The Trades option costs 15 cents per trade, while the Populate feature costs 75 cents per form. The costs can be calculated using a cost calculator on GruntWorx’s website.

If you’d like a free demo or more detailed information on the software, you should contact GruntWorx directly. Its website has a FAQ page, tutorials, and webinars. Additionally, the company provides phone support during business hours. If you’re not satisfied with the demo, you can also contact the company for assistance.


GruntWorx pricing is flexible, so you don’t have to commit to any long-term commitments or upfront costs. You can choose to use the application as much or as little as you like, and your dollars never expire as long as you keep your account active. With GruntWorx, you can automate your 1040 tax preparation, reducing your preparation time and increasing your efficiency. It also gives you consistent tax document organization for every client.

The software has a free trial period. The first year of use includes access to a variety of tools and tutorials. There are also set-up guides and webinars that can help you get started. You can also access white papers and request support from the company. The customer support team offers phone support during regular business hours. You can also submit a support ticket through the GruntWorx website.

A tax professional can use GruntWorx to automate much of the data entry process, freeing them from tedious tasks and focusing on the more profitable parts of the work. Tax professionals can also automate their accounting processes with GruntWorx, saving time and money on tedious data entry tasks.

Another great feature of GruntWorx is its integration with tax preparation applications. It integrates with CCH Axcess, Intuit Lacerte, Drake Software, UltraTax CS, and others. It also supports a wide range of PDF editing applications, allowing you to add comments to PDF files.

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