How to Use Points on Southwest

By Joyce VFM

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your next flight, you may be wondering how to use points on Southwest. If you’re using Southwest points to book a ticket, you’ll want to consider purchasing an award flight. These flights are refundable, so if the cost of a flight decreases, you’ll get your points back. If you have to cancel or change your flight, you can get your points back as well.

Wanna Get Away fare

If you’re looking to fly on Southwest, you’re probably wondering how to use points on Southwest Wanna Get Aaway fares. This fare offers a number of benefits, including two free checked bags and early boarding. However, it’s important to know that there are some limitations.

First of all, you can use points on this fare only if there are seats available. The best part of this fare is that you don’t need to use all of your points right away. If there are fewer than four seats on your flight, you can add a Companion Pass. This way, you’ll get a higher-priced seat.

In addition, this fare isn’t as flexible as other Southwest fares. While you won’t get to choose the seat, you will get to enjoy two free checked bags and free cancellations or changes. Southwest also offers a fare class called Wanna Get Away Plus, which includes transferable flight credit. If you’re looking for the best value for your points, you should consider booking the Wanna Get Away fare, which can be used on many routes.

Another benefit of Wanna Get Away fares is that you can use your points to upgrade to Business Class. This fare costs $506 on a selected flight, which is about $20 less than a Business Class fare. Southwest offers two free checked bags on Wanna Get Away fares. Unlike business class tickets, however, you don’t have advance seat selection. You have to purchase your tickets 36 hours before your flight.

Southwest also offers a wide variety of fares, including Business Select and Anytime fares. All these fares earn points. The value of your points depends on the fare and flight. For example, the Wanna Get Away Plus fare earns six points per dollar.

Southwest Wanna Get Away fares are usually the cheapest fare offered by the airline. They also earn six Rapid Rewards points per dollar. You can also earn Rapid Rewards points on everyday purchases. If you want to earn points outside of flying, look for a credit card from Southwest.

Southwest Rapid Rewards is an easy points redemption program. You can redeem points for award travel without blackout dates or restrictions. The cost of your award flight is directly linked to your points. There are no hidden charges, and you can even change your flight last minute. This makes Southwest Rapid Rewards a great option for groups and economy travelers.

Anytime fare

If you are flying Southwest, you may be wondering how to use points on an Anytime fare. This fares gives you flexibility in the date and time of your flight, and you can even change your reservation online. However, Southwest charges a fee for making online changes. So, you should plan your flight accordingly.

To use points on Southwest Anytime fares, you should visit the website of the airline. If you are a Rapid Rewards credit cardholder, you can also log into the website to redeem points. Alternatively, you can book a paid fare if you have flexibility in your travel dates.

Another way to use points on Anytime fares is by purchasing Wanna Get Away Plus tickets. These tickets offer the lowest prices and also earn the lowest Rapid Rewards points rate, with six points per dollar spent. If you can’t find a Wanna Get Away fare, this is the next best thing. You’ll earn 1.1 cents per point, which is not bad for a nonstop flight.

To qualify for A-List status on Southwest, you must fly at least 25 one-way flights and earn a minimum of 35,000 points per calendar year. Once you’re a member, you can enjoy many benefits, including priority boarding, in-flight Wi-Fi, and more.

Using Rapid Rewards is the easiest way to redeem points for travel on Southwest. As long as you log into your account before your flight, you can start using your points to save on your next flight. The best part about the Rapid Rewards program is that it’s tied to the cash price of the fare, so your points are worth something. If you are traveling with a large group or in economy, this is the best option because you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. In addition, you can change your tickets without paying extra. You can also cancel your trip anytime and get a full refund.

You can also use points to book the tickets of friends or family. However, some tickets cannot be purchased using points. Southwest Airlines is not a partner of any airline alliance, but it is a member of the Rapid Rewards program. Its members can book award flights on other airlines.

A companion pass on Southwest can be purchased when you have accumulated 125,000 points. To earn the pass, you must fly at least 100 eligible one-way flights in one calendar year. You can earn these points by using your Rapid Rewards credit card or purchasing eligible flights on Southwest. You can also earn Companion Pass points when you make purchases on the company’s website. The Companion Pass enables you to bring your friend or family member with you for free on paid or award flights.

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