How to Sell Drugs Online Fast

By Joyce VFM

So, you’re looking for a way to sell drugs online. You’ve probably seen that nerdy teen with a website that sells drugs has become one of the biggest dealers in Europe. But how do you do it? The first step is educating yourself about the business.


After his girlfriend Lisa goes abroad, Moritz waits for her to return. However, when she does, she breaks up with him. This leads Moritz to stalk her online, only to find out she is dating Dan, a student who deals ecstasy. This leads Moritz to take desperate measures to win back his ex-girlfriend. In order to do so, he and his friend Lenny start an online drug trafficking business. As they grow their business, they learn to sell drugs online fast.

The plot of How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is similar to an American crime drama. The premise of the show is based on a true story. In 2013, an 18-year-old from Leipzig, Germany, created an online shop selling drugs. In the process, he was able to earn millions of Bitcoins, running his business out of his bedroom.

Moritz is an unlikely drug lord. He stalks his ex-girlfriend online, steals money from her shop account, and turns his website into a drug service. Moritz has no redeeming qualities, and his actions would make most people run scared. But this is what he needs to do in order to become a billionaire.

Moritz is now worth millions of euros selling drugs online, and he’s trying to expand his business. As his business grows, he meets a girl named “xKira7” online, played by Lena Urzendowsky. However, trouble lies ahead.

But as the episode goes on, Moritz decides to stay in the business. He tries to keep his association with MyDrugs secret. His friends, however, find out and accuse him of murder. He has no desire to quit selling drugs, and the Dutch people will kill him if he doesn’t.

Moritz is a young drug dealer with a high self-esteem. He is the head of a big drug business in Europe, and his shady schemes are difficult to resist. Despite the fact that he’s a “copycat” of his idol, he has a very high opinion of himself. Moritz even stalks Lisa on social media, hacking into her Facebook account and deleting Dan’s text messages to her.

Moritz is a man who believes in business. He’s not interested in personal relationships, and is only interested in a profitable business. He convinces his associate to help him out, and the three of them join the company, MyDrugs.


Netflix’s new series How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) follows a teenager named Moritz, who makes money from selling illegal drugs online. In the first episode, Moritz meets Lisa Novak, a model who is pursuing a career in filmmaking. The two become friends, and their love affair develops into a life-changing experience.

Moritz has just come out of prison, and the drug business is booming. However, the pressure on Moritz has left him out in the cold. Moritz’s only ally is Lisa, an unreliable and temperamental ally. As the show unfolds, Moritz spirals into self-centeredness. He begins to play the role of CEO and is forced to make tough decisions about his future.

Moritz has already made millions from selling drugs online, but he wants to grow his business. In the second season, he attempts to open his own anonymous online store. At the same time, he meets a girl named “xKira7,” played by Lena Urzendowsky, and finds himself in trouble.

Lenny and Moritz work together to start the clear webshop, but then fight over Moritz’s attempts to turn the webshop into a real business. Lenny thinks that it is a temporary project, while Moritz sees it as a long-term one. After a while, Moritz convinces Lenny to help him buy a 3D-printed gun and shoot Buba. He is successful, but not without risk, as he knows Lisa will be free soon.

As the drama escalates, Lenny is pushed to the limit by his new boss, Moritz. As a result, he and Lenny are forced to work together to build a website that is untraceable and unnoticeable. They call the site, and later bring on Dan to work on the site.

The second season of How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) is available on Netflix. The comedy series is full of quirky characters and fast editing. It has six episodes that are streaming on the streaming service. The third season is currently in production.


If you like crime dramas, you’ll probably enjoy How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast). The show takes place in high school, where Moritz (Danilo Kamperidis) and his friends are trying to make money by selling drugs online. However, the plot is a little complicated, and the show uses its story to delve into some complex topics. For example, the show explores the ways online companies profit from the personal information of people. It also tries to avoid stereotyping characters, such as Moritz’s ex-girlfriend.

This German drama follows Moritz Zimmermann and Lenny Sander as they attempt to sell drugs online. Their main goal is to rekindle their love for Lisa Novak, which they do by selling ecstasy. While they’re trying to make money, they find themselves caught up in a world of violence and street fighting. The story ultimately shows the consequences of such an unsavory operation, and their attempts to move forward.

While the show is a bit silly at times, its introspection and humor makes it worth watching. Youngsters will likely enjoy How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) season 3. The characters’ antics are so entertaining, and the script is a great blend of satire and comedy.

Moritz has his own reasons for staying in the drug business, but his greed and ambition drive him to continue running MyDrugs. Ultimately, he kicks Moritz out of the company. In the meantime, he accidentally wounds Susi during a hunt in Albania. After he recovers, Susi comes home and the trio reunites.

After Moritz’s girlfriend Lisa returns home from abroad, he tries to stalk her online. He discovers that she’s been seeing Dan, a popular student who deals ecstasy. This leads him to take desperate measures to win Lisa back. They eventually find themselves working in the online drug trade, learning the ins and outs of selling drugs.


“Buba” is the German version of How to Sell Drugs Online Fast. It stars Bjarne Madel as a drug dealer who is also the owner of several horse-stables. The film is an action-packed, fun-filled movie about the dangers of running a drug business.

After losing his parents in an accident, Buba has developed a strategy for surviving and selling drugs online fast. He’s been following this strategy for thirty years with his brother, Dante. However, Buba begins to fall in love with a local drug dealer. This new relationship puts Buba in an even more dangerous situation.

As the drugs become more dangerous, the federal police get involved. The drug trade is booming and the criminals are desperate to make money. But, the federal police are trying to track down the criminals responsible. As the investigation into MyDrugs continues, Mortitz is being investigated as a potential MyDrugs mastermind. In addition to Moritz, another member of the MyDrugs network is discovered: Mortitz. The federal police are now investigating Mortitz and his connections to Buba.

How to Sell Drugs Online Fast using Buba is set in a fictional German town called Rinseln. It follows Moritz Zimmermann and Lenny Sander as they attempt to rekindle Moritz’s love affair with Lisa Novak by running an online drug store. The series is a cautionary tale, showing how easy it is to get in over your head and fall into a dangerous situation. In Season 1, Moritz and Lenny are praised by their peers and their classmates, but in season two, gangsters begin to hunt them down.

Moritz makes a deal with a drug manufacturer in Rotterdam, but he is more interested in making money than in Lisa’s feelings. After Lenny leaves the scene, Moritz and Lisa fall out over money. After the fight, Moritz decides to sell drugs online on his Darknet, and Lenny joins his venture. Eventually, Buba shows up to collect the loan, and the three start working on MyDrugs.

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