How to Scan a Passport

By Joyce VFM

If you want to know how to scan a passport, you will need a scanner, or scanner driver, to perform the task. In order to perform the task, you must install the scanning driver, which can be found on a licensed disk. To scan a passport, position it so that the page you need to scan faces the glass. Next, set the border of the read image. You should also choose the file type.

IRIScan(tm) Desk 5 Security


IRIScan(tm) Desk 5 is a versatile camera scanner that enables the check-in process at hotels, airports, and other destinations. It allows users to scan and extract data from passports and ID cards. It can also scan business cards and extract the metadata from them into a readable Xls file. It also meets the legal requirements in some countries by scanning documents and extracting data from machine-readable zones.


The IRIScan(tm) Desk 5 has a USB power source that allows it to scan books, documents, and videos with the highest accuracy and speed. The IRIScan Desk 5 features a unique edge correction algorithm and smart image flattening that preserves the layout of your documents. It also detects multiple documents and automatically crops and saves the best one. With its advanced document recognition, it is easy to scan a large number of documents at once. It also has the ability to edit and modify the documents you scan.


Its holder and automatic edge detection and cropping ensure accurate results on official documents. This tool also flattens bound pages for faster scanning. Its unique file contains all the scanned documents and indexes them for easy retrieval and viewing. In addition, you can record video tutorials with this device. This will help you improve your greetings. The IRIScan Desk 5 Security scanner is available in several colors and models.


IRIScan Desk is an ergonomically designed desktop camera scanner that can scan any document, including passports. It also supports a variety of other documents, including ID cards, invoices, forms, and receipts. The IRIScan Desk is a great choice for nomadic usage. Its USB-powered design makes it easy to fold up and store. It can be used anywhere, and it can even be carried around.

Anyline’s Mobile ID Scanning


Using Anyline’s mobile ID scanning service will help you quickly and easily scan your passport, ID card, or other documents. Anyline’s mobile ID scanning solution works offline and on all devices, making it easy to scan anywhere, even if the internet is unavailable. Its proprietary technology enables it to scan all types of documents quickly and accurately, and it’s compatible with ISO 1073-2.


Anyline’s passport scanner works with a variety of ID types and supports the Latin, Arabic, and Cyrillic scripts. Because of this, it can recognize IDs from all over the world. The Anyline solution works by scanning the NFC chip, adding another layer of complexity to the ID verification process, and making it more difficult for counterfeiters to make a document that’s not authentic.


Despite its relatively small size, Anyline has already secured more than $20 million in funding and has expanded into the U.S. retail market. With its robust technology, the startup is better positioned to take advantage of a surge in consumer demand over the last 15 months. During the last raise, Anyline introduced its Anyline Trainer, which lets companies train custom OCR systems within hours, allowing them to scan more documents in less time.


The Anyline mobile ID scanning solution is compatible with both Android and iOS mobile devices. It is available for cross-platform development on React Native, Xamarin, and Cordova. It’s also compatible with other mobile devices such as tablets. Anyline is headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Its products are currently used by national governments as well as large multinational corporations. You can learn more about Anyline and its products at its booth at NRF 2021: Retail’s Big Show in Boston.

Kodak Passport Flatbed Accessory


The Kodak Passport Flatbed Accessory integrates seamlessly with your workflow. With push scanning options, you can automatically scan valuable documents right from the platen. And with a small footprint, it takes up less desk space. The device’s high-quality flatbed scanning and imaging technology ensure reliable performance. This device also keeps your valuable documents in view while scanning. It can scan two passport pages in less than two minutes.


The Passport Flatbed Accessory is compatible with the Alaris S2000 Series Scanner. The fully integrated design lets you scan documents safely and conveniently. Simply place your passport onto the flatbed’s platen, trigger scanning, and enjoy high-quality images. The scan takes only three seconds and produces images of up to 1200 dpi. The Kodak Passport Flatbed Accessory is compatible with the Alaris S2000 Series Scanner.

Kodak Passport Mobile ID Scanning


The Kodak Passport Mobile ID Scanning device is an intelligent scanner that captures accurate proof of ID data. Its Perfect Page technology produces better images than scanned originals. It also integrates seamlessly with a REAL ID Act-compliant driver’s license application process. The scanner’s unique design makes it easy to scan both small and fragile documents. The scanner is not bulky and does not require an extra power cord. The system supports multiple scanning drivers.


The Kodak i2600 Scanner extracts critical information from documents at the point of entry. Its high-speed scanning capability enables you to distribute the information instantly, with no waiting time. The compact design of the Kodak i1220 Scanner is packed with features and delivers value, performance, and price. It also scans thick documents, including passports. Regardless of the purpose, Kodak Passport Mobile ID Scanning is the perfect solution for travelers.


Unlike many other mobile ID scanners, Kodak Passport Mobile ID Scanning uses a proprietary Smart ID Engine that scans the IDs of travelers with no human assistance. The software uses a camera, photo, and comprehensive AI to recognize the identity of the person. Its advanced technology automatically recognizes the passport and visa type and extracts the needed data from the document. The software is compatible with over 210 countries and is easy to use.


This scanning solution integrates easily with existing business applications, including databases. With wireless connectivity, Kodak Passport Mobile ID Scanning supports multiple users and multiple scanners. It also supports RESTful Web API integration, so you don’t need to download or install additional software for it. Kodak Passport Mobile ID Scanning is a powerful and convenient tool for any business. Once you get your hands on one, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.

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