How to Make a Cool Paper Airplane

By Joyce VFM

If you are a kid, you might be wondering how to make a cool paper airplane. There are many ways to make a paper airplane, but the key is to follow the steps of famous pilots like Takuo Toda and Tri-Dang. Toda’s plane, dubbed the Tri-Dang, has won many world record events. It was the first airplane to cross the Atlantic Ocean.


If you are looking for instructions to make a cool paper airplane, you can check out the YouTube channel of Tri Dang. They have a great collection of origami planes and cool paper airplanes that fly! You’ll be amazed at how many different kinds of paper airplanes you can make! Follow their instructions and try one for yourself! You’ll be rewarded with an awesome flying paper airplane!

To make the wings, begin by folding the top edge halfway back and the base flat. Once you’ve folded the paper plane, align the top edge and make the flaps 0.5 inches tall. This will give you a triangular shape with two flat wings and several smaller wings. Fold in the edges of the wings so that they make the wings of the tri-dang look like fins. Then, simply flick your wrist to fly it around the room!

When flying your paper airplane, take care to make sure that it doesn’t unfold! The heavier the paper, the more stable it will fly. Also, don’t throw your paper airplane at people. It may hurt them! They’re not as dangerous as they look, but remember to fly them in an open space and avoid throwing them at people. You don’t want anyone to get hurt!

John Collins

If you’re a kid looking for something to do on a rainy day, how about a paper airplane project? If so, try making one of the paper airplanes by John Collins, a world-record holder, and paper airplane designer. To make his airplanes, you’ll need a single sheet of landscape-oriented paper. Fold the top third of the sheet down. There’s no need to be too precise here, but make sure you make a crease.
For a more advanced project, you can watch video tutorials by John Collins. He’s also an author and has collaborated with Wired to produce several popular how-to books. In his video, John Collins demonstrates how to make three kinds of paper aircraft. The first is the Tube, which looks like a hollow cylinder that can be tossed around like a football. The third one, the Boomerang, is the most complicated and is meant to be thrown far.

Takuo Toda

If you have a child, then you might want to try making a paper airplane. These flying toys are fun and educational. They are an excellent way to get kids involved in science. Takuo Toda shows us how to fold one. This video will teach you how to fold a paper airplane. Follow his step-by-step instructions and you’ll have a cool flying paper airplane in no time.

The instructions for folding a paper airplane are simple: start at the thick nose and fold the wings outward by 1/2″. Next, add double-stick tape to the inside of the body. Then, fold the right corner over, meeting the crease from the first fold. Repeat this process with the left corner. You’ll need two wings to fly your paper airplane. It’s very important to have accurate folds.

The world record for paper airplane flight was broken on December 19th, 2010, by a Japanese man named Takuo Toda. His airplane flew for 29.2 seconds, beating the previous record of 28.6 seconds. Takuo Toda’s book, “The World’s Coolest Paper Airplanes” includes instructions for building a paper airplane that flies for 30 seconds or more.

The Sky King is another cool paper airplane designed by Takuo Toda. It’s very easy to make and requires only a single A4-sized sheet of printer paper. You can also make a larger version by throwing it from a height of 37 kilometers or more. In addition to the Sky King, you can also make a paper airplane that flies higher, with the help of a model rocket.

Takuo Toda’s plane

You may have heard about Takuo Toda, the president of the Japan Origami Airplane Association. While most people might think his signature paper airplane is nothing special, it isn’t. Several aerospace engineers ruled that the paper plane would burn up when it entered the atmosphere. However, Toda believes his paper airplane will survive and will eventually break his own record. To learn more about Toda’s paper airplane and the other amazing projects of the Japanese aerospace industry, read on!

Takuo Toda is the proud owner of the longest-flying paper airplane in history. His paper aircraft flew for 29.2 seconds in Fukuyama City, Hiroshima, Japan. He also hopes to break the 30-second barrier someday. To achieve his record, Toda throws his paper airplane straight up to gain the greatest height and circles it before landing. Takuo Toda’s paper airplane is a marvel of engineering and design.

The sky-high aircraft has become an iconic image of Japan. Takuo Toda designed the Sky King paper airplane in 1982. This paper airplane is easy to fold but is still tough enough to fly for a longer flight. Takuo Toda’s book is a fantastic introduction to paper airplanes and will show you how to fold your own. You’ll also learn how to throw your airplane to get it farther.

The White Wings series of paper aircraft is still one of the most popular. White Wings designs feature fuselage and wings made of Kent paper, a type of cartridge paper widely sold in Japan. Early models were hand-drawn, but as time went on, the planes were drafted with CAD software. Takuo Toda’s paper airplane continues to be an international phenomenon and a must-have for any serious paper aircraft fan.

John Collins’ plane

During the past few years, John Collins has focused on enhancing his paper airplane skills and knowledge. He has studied aerodynamics, origami, and the Guinness World Record verification process, and enlisted the help of three former Cal quarterbacks to help him perfect his technique. The three men and Collins practiced for nearly a year before the record-breaking toss. The event is free and open to the public, but registration is required to participate.

The world record distance-flying paper airplane design was invented by John Collins, an American television engineer who has a background in TV. His paper airplanes have become popular and have been translated into a number of languages, including Chinese, Russian, and German. In addition to being the subject of three how-to books, John Collins has even had his creations featured in a movie called Paper Planes (2015). Whether you’re a child or an adult, you can enjoy watching the video and learning how to create paper airplanes.

The New World Champion Paper Airplane Book is a great way to get started building your own airplane. The book includes 22 different designs and step-by-step photographs to guide you through the process. A tear-out model of John’s airplane is also included in the book. In addition to John Collins’ Guinness world record-breaking airplane, the book also features a guide to completing paper airplanes, a tutorial, and a forum on paper flying.

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