How to Join the Mile High Club Without Getting Caught

By Joyce VFM

Recently, a flight attendant posted a video explaining how to join the mile high club without getting caught. The video was a hit with some people, while others were horrified by it. Still, many people would rather believe that it is just a myth. However, if you’re looking for the real deal, read on to learn the basics of mile high club membership.

Love Cloud offers in-flight weddings

Love Cloud is a company based in Las Vegas that offers in-flight weddings. Its two Cessna 414 planes, called’magic carpets,’ have already hosted couples and groups of three or four. Prices for the experience vary, but are roughly $200 per person.

The Mile High Club Flight is the company’s most popular option. The service includes a commemorative membership card signed by the pilot. Andy Johnson, the company’s founder, lives in Summerlin, near Las Vegas. His services range from weddings to romantic dinners, and include in-flight weddings.

To book a flight, call Love Cloud at (877) 468-7777). They’ll help you decide if Love Cloud’s flights are right for you. The company promises privacy on board. The plane takes off from Las Vegas, and the pilot will wear noise-canceling headphones to make sure your privacy is protected. Once back on land, each couple receives a Mile High Club VIP Certificate Card, which proves membership in the exclusive club. Love Cloud founder Andy Johnson told the New York Times that the service helps couples build strong relationships.

Guests can also take a scenic flight over Las Vegas, with a breathtaking view of the city. For $US995, you and your partner can choose between a three-course dinner and a romantic flight. Mile High Club flights include a bottle of champagne and a pair of Mile High Club VIP Certificate Cards.

Love Cloud has a special cabin on its planes that allows couples to celebrate their marriage in the air. The cabin comes complete with red satin sheets and pillows, as well as a sex position pillow. The cabin is separated from the flight deck by a curtain. The couple will enjoy the privacy of a private cabin during the flight, which will last 45 minutes.

Flamingo Air offers in-flight sex

If you’re in the mood for an evening of in-flight sex, look no further than Flamingo Air. Based in Cincinnati, Flamingo Air offers flights that reach cruising altitudes of 30,000 feet. The company claims to be the first full-time flight service to offer the service, and has served thousands of customers. To top it all off, the airline provides a box of chocolates and a bottle of champagne for its customers.

The flights aboard Flamingo Air are private and upscale, with only one curtain between passengers and the pilot. Onboard amenities include a bathroom that is private and air-conditioning that is conditioned. A romantic trip aboard Flamingo Air is guaranteed to leave you feeling like royalty.

The company also offers sightseeing tours in addition to sex in the air. The private flights cost as little as $400 and can last up to an hour and a half. You may think that it is a bit extreme, but Flamingo Air is a popular option for couples who want to enjoy some extra time together.

If you are a woman, the idea of flying in a private plane is appealing. Flamingo Air, based in Cincinnati, has a special one-hour flight that’s designed just for sex. The plane is small and intimate and the pilots wear noise-canceling headsets. The flight is also completely private, and most couples who book it are women.

The company’s founder is a pilot and came up with the idea 20 years ago, when he and his fellow pilots were joking about the idea. Since then, there have been several other mile-high airlines popping up around the country. The airline’s main rival is Love Cloud, based in Las Vegas. Both airlines market the “mile-high club” angle and have customers from Europe, China, and Australia.

While some flights have a strict no-sex policy, others allow passengers to have sex with a discreet pilot. Mile high club flights cost about $425 per hour and are exclusive to passengers. The price includes a round-trip ticket to the Mile High Club for two people, and a package of champagne and chocolates.


There are a number of benefits to joining the Mile High Club, but the biggest is the opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind flight experience. Members enjoy wireless sound and light systems, custom-made foam mattress and red satin sheets. The club even offers flights for weddings and vow renewals. Moreover, the Mile High Club offers romantic dinner flights that include three-course meals and champagne and chocolates.

If you and your significant other are in love, you can go for a romantic flight in a private jet, which costs from $1095 to $1,495 per person. The pilot will sign your membership card, and the flight will last for 45 minutes. You can also purchase an upgrade for a 60-minute or 90-minute flight for $1,095 each. During your flight, you’ll receive champagne and a dozen long-stemmed roses.

The Mile High Club is 105 years old, but one-third of males would like to be members. Among other benefits, you can enjoy access to exclusive club events and receive special benefits. One of the benefits of membership is that you’ll not have to wear a mask on flights.

One way to join the club is to buy a membership card that shows that you’re a member. You can also purchase commemorative membership cards signed by the pilot. These cards prove your membership in the Mile High Club. There is also the option to upgrade your membership to become an elite member.

The Mile High Club also offers private flights for couples. This is a great way to spend a romantic night out in the air. For $995 (PS735), a couple can fly in a private plane to the Mile High Club. The flight lasts 45 minutes and includes a custom foam mattress and red satin sheets.

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