How to Get to the Maldives

By Joyce VFM

If you’ve never visited the Maldives, you may wonder how to get there. After all, it’s an island destination! While the locals are used to tourists, you can still find shops on the islands to pick up the necessities. While flights to the Maldives are easy, the process of getting there will require a little more thought. Here are some tips to help you get there. Continue reading to learn more about how to get to the Maldives.

Non-stop flights from India

Non-stop flights from India to the Maldives are available on Maldivian Airlines, a national carrier of the country. The airline operates flights from Delhi to Male three times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Maldivian offers standard baggage for passengers flying economy class and business class, as well as in-flight meals. In addition, travelers in these classes also enjoy access to lounges and an exclusive check-in counter.

The flight duration varies from airline to airline, but generally, a non-stop flight from India to the Maldives takes around three hours and fourteen minutes. A flight to the Maldives is relatively cheap, with one-way airfares costing INR 10,000. Travel experts can help travelers find a flight that meets their travel needs at a price they can afford. You’ll be able to find cheap flights to the Maldives by comparing prices from several airlines.

Travelers from India can also take advantage of a low-cost airline with direct flights from Hyderabad to the Maldives. IndiGo Airlines’ new flights will depart from Hyderabad three times a week, and the frequency will increase to four per week. In addition to direct flights from India, it will soon operate ferry services from Hyderabad to the Maldives. The service will also be available to travelers from other Asian countries.

Regional or domestic flights from Middle East Asia

If you’re planning a holiday in the Maldives, there are several ways to get there. You can take either international or regional flights from a number of different locations in the Middle East and Asia. The Maldives is a beautiful island nation located in the equatorial Indian Ocean. There are numerous ways to reach this stunning destination, including via domestic flights. However, if you’re coming from Asia, regional flights are the best option.

For a relatively affordable airfare, you may consider regional or domestic flights to the Maldives from Middle Eastern and Asian destinations. American Airlines, for example, charges 70,000 miles one way for business class, while British Airways requires 137,500 Avios for the same seat. Private planes also use the Maafaru airport, which opened in December and is being used by several different airlines. The Maldivian airline is the official carrier of the Maldives and operates flights from five different international airports.
If you’d prefer to fly between domestic airports in the Maldives, you can do so via seaplane. This mode of transportation is not suitable for everyone and can be pricey, but it allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the Maldives without sacrificing comfort. However, you should know that some flights may be temporarily unavailable due to the ongoing pandemic. For flights from Colombo to Male, you can use Emirates, which operates daily fifth-freedom flights to Male.


Whether you’re looking for a private charter or an inexpensive ferry ride, the Maldives offers a variety of options for transportation. The journey is often the most important part of any trip, so a variety of transportation methods are available. From speedboats to cruise ships, there’s a method to suit your travel needs. Ferries to the Maldives have been in operation for nine years, but have recently expanded to include water villas.

Public ferries operate on many of the islands and atolls around Male. While they don’t run to most resorts, there are some private ferries available to visitors for three to four dollars per person. Public ferries are also available, although they’re not always on time. Ferries are limited in number, and you’ll need to book early, particularly during the holiday season and during the off-season. Ferries are also not sold online, and you can’t reserve a seat.

If you’re traveling on a budget, the local ferry network may be the best option. While speedboats tend to go to island resorts, ferries travel between inhabited islands. Unlike speedboats, ferries take a long time and can make several stops along the way. Ferry services are cheap, but slow, and carry around 50 people. Onboard, you can stand or sit, and interact with locals. Ferry transfers are an excellent way to travel around the Maldives without spending a lot of money.


While it is a popular destination for scuba diving, cruises to the Maldives don’t only take you to the best beaches. They also offer an amazing experience of diving on liveaboards. There are several different types of boats that offer these activities. You can book these trips up to six months in advance. Most liveaboards are full months before the trip date and late availability is rare. The climate in the Maldives is tropical, with two distinct monsoon seasons. The northeast monsoon is dry, while the southwest monsoon is wet. Although the islands do not experience major cyclones, temperatures do tend to rise slightly during the dry season.

The Maldives islands are not large and most cruises visit one or two of the numerous islands. During your vacation, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving on some of the islands, where you can even swim with manta rays and whale sharks. It’s no surprise that the Maldives is a popular destination for honeymooners! Besides the beautiful beaches, the country’s capital, Male, is also home to fascinating historic sites and a bustling fish market.
Those looking for a luxury cruise are sure to find one that includes stops in the Maldives. Ponant, a French company that specializes in luxury small-ship voyages, occasionally offers Maldives trips that visit half of the archipelago’s 26 atolls. Another option is TPG, which operates a destination hub in the Maldives. In addition to the smaller ships, there are also many upscale cruise lines that offer Maldives vacations.


If you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation, you can get to the Maldives on speedboats. Most of the time, these boats are managed by the hotel and operate on a scheduled arrival and departure basis. Occasionally, private parties organize speedboat transfers between islands during the day. The journey time to reach the resort will depend on the location of the resort and the speedboat service that is used. The journey can take anywhere from ten minutes to three hours.

Traveling in the Maldives is not difficult if you prepare well ahead of time. You can book speedboats or internal flights from Male on arrival. While these options are faster than public ferries, they still take up a significant portion of your day. Make sure to plan your travel early so you don’t have to pay more than you should for your trip and to guarantee your seat. During high season, domestic flights can become completely swamped with passengers.

There are many ways to get to the Maldives, but speedboats are one of the most convenient options for short trips. The Maldives is an island nation with nearly 1200 islands connected by causeways. Resorts on the North and South Male Atoll use speedboats to transport guests between islands. The cost of speedboat rides ranges from US$80 to US$450, depending on the distance.

If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives, you’ll want to make sure you have a reliable way to get to and from the airport. Airport taxis are available to take you to your hotel or anywhere else on the island. Before you book your trip, read on to learn about your options. Here are some of the best ways to get around the Maldives. By choosing a taxi from your hotel, you can ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Another option is a seaplane. If you’re staying at one of the resorts, you can get a seaplane to get around quickly. You can also choose to fly to Maldives’ other islands. You’ll have a better view of the islands and reefs from a seaplane. The airlines operating in the Maldives are Atoll Transfer and Trans Maldivian Airways. Local ferries are limited and unreliable.


A ferry service connects islands with Male. Ferries cost around 30 to 60 MVR each and can last up to 5 hours. A public ferry from the Male airport to an island costs only 30 MVR. Public island ferries have a limited schedule and are often unreliable. You can also hail a taxi on the island where you’re staying. A taxi to Male will cost you about 20 MVR. It’s best to hire one of these instead of trying to figure out how to get around on your own.

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