How to Get to Anguilla From the United States

By Joyce VFM

If you are planning a vacation to the beautiful island of Anguilla, you need to know how to get to Anguilla from the United States. There are many options for traveling to the island, including flights from Miami, Puerto Rico, and other nearby U.S. cities. You can also take a private boat or take a ferry from San Juan.

Air travel

We’re a trusted airline that’s been offering air travel to Anguilla for over 30 years. We’ll find you the lowest price and offer you a safe and convenient travel experience. There are several things to know before flying to Anguilla, including entry and testing requirements. We’ll also make sure you have the correct documentation to get through customs.

First, make sure you check flight schedules and availability. Fortunately, most airlines have regular flights to Anguilla. Many have nonstop flights to the island and charter flights during the peak season. You can also use a travel search engine to find the cheapest flights to Anguilla. You can search by airline and filter your search results by departure time and month.

You can fly directly to Anguilla from either St. Martin or St. Maarten. While the two islands share a border, there is a physical boundary between them. Depending on where you land, you can take a taxi to the ferry terminal. You can make reservations with the airline or through your hotel’s concierge. Generally, the cost of a roundtrip flight to Anguilla is around $166.

During peak season, American Airlines flies directly from Miami to Anguilla. You can also catch a flight on other airlines, including Caribbean Airline and Delta Airlines. However, you should check with your airline to be sure that they’ll fly to Anguilla.

Another carrier that recently added daily flights to Miami is American Airlines. Beginning November 3, American Airlines will fly from Miami to Anguilla eight times weekly, with two flights a day. These flights will depart at 10:30am and land in Anguilla at 1:30pm. The return flight will leave at 5:30pm, making it an easy flight to arrange.

Ferry options

There are several options for ferrying to Anguilla from the US Virgin Islands. Depending on the provider, you can take a regular, one-way fare for US$20 for adults and US$10 for children. Many visitors also choose to take a mega yacht or a catamaran for their visit to the island. Both vessels can idle at any of the island’s bays. The boats can also take day-trippers and sunset sailing passengers.

For those who don’t want to take a private boat, you can also catch a taxi from St. Martin to Marigot, where there are regular ferry services to Anguilla. The trip takes about 25 minutes and costs $15 per person. The fares for taxis are not guaranteed and can change without notice.

If you’re flying to Anguilla, the most popular way to get there is to fly to St. Maarten first. This will be cheaper and give you more options. Alternatively, you can fly direct from a US city to St. Maarten, which is less than two hours from Anguilla.

Another popular way to get to Anguilla is via St. Martin, which is the closest to the US. However, the ferry will depart from Marigot, which is the French side of the island. It is important to note that there are no scheduled water taxi services to the airport in St. Maarten. You can also take a day trip to St. Martin from Marigot.

If you prefer to take a private boat, you can also opt for the Platinum service offered by Anguilla Cruises. This service includes airport pick-up, Wi-Fi, and a welcome on board. Your luggage will be transferred to the airport and customs house.

Private boat options

If you’d prefer to get to Anguilla by private boat, there are several private options available. Most guests travel through St. Martin and arrive on Anguilla by ferry, sea-shuttle, or air transfer. You will receive detailed information about these options in your reservation confirmation email. You can also contact the resort’s pre-arrival concierge to make arrangements.

The easiest way to reach Anguilla is by air. There are several regular scheduled flights that take just ten minutes, and charter air services operate scenic routes. If you prefer to travel by sea, however, the crossing is notoriously rough and not ideal for day-trippers. The most convenient route is to hop from Anguilla to the French/Dutch island of St Martin/St Maarten.

The shared sea shuttle costs around USD 230 per adult and $110 per child (3-11), and is free for infants (0-2 years). However, a private boat charter is significantly more affordable, and can be booked for USD 880 for up to six passengers. Additional adults and children will be charged around USD 70 each. The departure tax is waived for infants.

Another option is to charter a private boat to St. Maarten, a slightly more expensive option than the government-run ferry. Private boats have lower passenger counts and are often smaller, but are still available. Many of these boats offer full-boat charters. However, they don’t run as frequently as the government-run boat. Some of them even include ground transportation.

If you’re looking for a truly unspoiled Caribbean getaway, Anguilla is the place for you. The turquoise waters and pristine beaches make it an ideal location. Traveling to the island is becoming much more affordable in recent years. In fact, many travelers make it an experience!

Anguilla can be reached by sea via St. Maarten, which is half French and half Dutch. You can take a public or private ferry from Marigot Ferry Terminal. You can also hire a private boat from Marigot, which is located across from the St. Maarten airport.

Transfers from San Juan

If you’re looking to travel from San Juan to Anguilla, there are a few different options. One of the best ways to save money is to choose a private charter. A private charter will take you to your destination without the hassle of dealing with customs. Many of these services also offer no-fee itinerary changes and full credit if your service is cancelled.

To make sure you’ll be able to get to Anguilla without a long wait, book a flight from San Juan. The flight will take about an hour and covers the 191 miles between the islands. The cost of a ticket typically starts at 160 USD, but if you book in advance, it can be as low as 130 USD.

Another option is to take a private boat. These vessels are smaller and accommodate fewer passengers than the government-operated vessels. While they do not run as often, they do include ground transportation. You can also arrange full boat charters. Depending on your needs, you can also arrange a charter plane for your trip.

Taxis are another option for getting from San Juan to Anguilla. You can find one near the ferry dock and airport. You can even hire a driver to take you around the island. These drivers make great tour guides and will help you see the island. Once you’re on the island, you can book a taxi or a rental car to get to your hotel.

There are a few things you’ll need to know before you book a private aircraft. First of all, you’ll need to clear Customs and Immigration. You’ll need a valid passport from the country of origin in order to travel to Anguilla. You should also plan for the airport’s In-Transit Tax. This will cost you approximately USD 64 per person per trip, and is payable at the airport upon departure.

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