How to Get Into the Avengers Campus at Disney World

By Joyce VFM

You can visit the Avengers Campus area when you visit the Walt Disney World Resort. Guests can ride on the Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout or meet Spider-Man outside of Avengers Headquarters. You can also eat at Web Slingers and buy Avengers merchandise. The Avengers Campus area is located near the entrance of the park.

Spider-Man meets guests outside of Avengers Headquarters

In Avengers Land, visitors can expect to see Spider-Man, Iron Man, Black Widow, Ant-Man, Wasp, and Doctor Strange among other popular heroes. Visitors will also find the Guardians of the Galaxy and heroes from Wakanda. You can also see the Quinjet, which sits high atop the Avengers Headquarters building.

Throughout the day, Marvel characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe can be found on the Avengers Campus. Spider-Man, Black Widow, and Thor will often be on hand to meet guests. You can also get your picture taken with Black Widow, Ant-Man, and Thor.

Spider-Man will greet guests outside of Avengers Headquarters after the show and pose for photos with them. The show is typically held from mid-morning until 4 pm. During the show, Spidey appears above a graffiti wall, swings from rooftop to rooftop, and climbs down the wall. At night, however, he does not perform any stunts, but still meets fans and poses for pictures.

The Avengers Campus features three merchandise locations. The WEB Suppliers store offers apparel, light goggles, and web shooters. The Campus Supply Pod kiosk sells hats and other apparel. Outside of Avengers Headquarters, visitors can catch the famous Guardians of the Galaxy awesome dance show featuring music from Peter Quill’s mixtape.

The Avengers Campus is home to a variety of superhero teams. You can find the Warriors of Wakanda, the Black Panther, and more. In addition, there is a new ride called Web Slingers, where a robotic Spider-Man will sling webs. You can also catch Spider-Bots with web-slinging powers.

The live shows at Avengers Campus occur sporadically. Typically, they start about an hour after the park opens and end at about sunset. However, these performances are often unscheduled and you may not get to see Spider-Man during the day. If you want to see your favorite characters, you can also download the Disneyland app.

Spider-Man eats at Web Slingers

A Spider-Man experience begins on the Avengers Campus, where guests are invited to try out the “Web-Slinger” vehicles. The attraction’s preshow includes an appearance by Peter Parker and is packed with Easter eggs. Webbing the guests into the vehicles is another way to interact with Spider-Man.

The Avengers Campus is an immersive experience that brings Earth’s Mightiest Heroes together. It features spaces for the Avengers, all of its allies, and new recruits. Formerly the Stark Industries complex, the campus now houses a variety of different heroic spaces.

Currently, the Avengers Campus offers two rides. A third is expected, but the timeline for this addition is unclear. The WEB, or Worldwide Engineering Brigade, building on the campus hosts a showcase of inventions that Peter Parker and his team can use to save the world.

The wait at Web Slingers is fairly consistent until late afternoon, when the line begins to increase. However, the wait is never at the peak of the day. The last two hours tend to be slower, as more DCA guests move toward World of Color.

While on the Avengers Campus, fans can purchase merchandise at three retail locations. In addition to Spider-Man apparel, fans can also pick up Spider-Bot toys and other products from the WEB Suppliers store. The Campus Supply Pod features clothing and hats. The Collector’s Warehouse is a great place to find a new action figure or a Super Hero graphic T-shirt.

If you’re a Marvel fan, the Avengers Campus is a must-see destination. Not only is it full of superhero-themed merchandise, but it also serves as a place to eat. The cafe is themed, and the food is excellent, and the prices are very reasonable, especially for small kids who love Spider-Man.

The original planned opening date of the Avengers Campus was July 18, 2020, in Disney California Adventure. But due to the pandemic, the park’s opening date was pushed back until June 2021. It was originally expected to open during the busy season, and would be the perfect Summer attraction. However, due to Disney World’s health crisis, the Disney World resorts had to close for several months to recover from the crisis.

Merchandise locations inside of Avengers Campus

If you’re a big fan of the Marvel superheroes, there are several Merchandise locations inside of Avengers Park. The first is the WEB Suppliers store, which sells everything from light goggles to Spider-Bot toys and apparel. There’s also a Campus Supply Pod kiosk, which sells apparel and hats. Finally, you can shop for Avengers memorabilia at the Collector’s Warehouse, which is located near the exit of Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Marvel characters are the main attraction at Avengers Campus, and the Spider-Man attraction is a must-see. The attraction is based on the famous comic book character, and it’s filled with interactive displays. You can even try out your own creations in the W.E.B. (Worldwide Engineering Brigade), which acts as a sort of hangout for recruits.

As the park nears its grand opening, you’ll want to start planning ahead for all the new adventures the Avengers will have to offer. Merchandise locations inside of Avengers Park will be one of the newest additions to the park, and there are a number of different ways to shop for Marvel gear. There’s also a WEB Suppliers, where you can find all things Spider-Man, as well as Stark Industries gear.

A fun way to show your Marvel pride is by buying a pair of Spider-Man stylish goggles. These goggles will give you the ultimate look, and they have digital and analog expressions, making them a great addition to any wardrobe. There’s also a “make a custom something-or-other” machine, where you can customize an Avengers-themed item like a phone case or a magnet.

You can find other Avengers characters at these Merchandise locations, including the new version of Spider-Man. You’ll also find Merchandise for the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Guardians of the Galaxy’s land is right next door, so you can find merchandise for your favorite Marvel characters while you’re exploring this new land.

There’s even a Guardians of the Galaxy ride, and you’ll be surrounded by all of the characters you love. In the ride, you’ll meet Rocket Raccoon, who just escaped from the Collector. You’ll also see Rocket Raccoon plug his walkman in before the ride begins. Depending on the sequence of the ride, you’ll likely want to get a walkman to take with you.

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