How to Get a France Health Pass

By Joyce VFM

When traveling in France, it is essential to carry your health pass with you. You will need it to eat out and travel within the country. The pass will show proof that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19 and that you have had a coronavirus test in the last 72 hours.

Covid restrictions have been lifted for mainland France

COVID restrictions in France have been lifted largely, and travel to and from the country is again possible. Previously, only people with proof of vaccination or recovery were allowed to enter the country. However, this has changed now, and travellers are free to visit friends and family, including those living in retirement homes. The country’s borders with other EU nations are also open again, including those with Germany. Travelers from the UK are also free to visit France without quarantine. However, they will still need to undergo a mandatory quarantine on return to the UK.

As of March 14, France will suspend its Pass Vaccinal, which had previously prevented travelers from entering the country. However, there are still some guidelines that travelers should follow to ensure their safety, including obtaining the necessary vaccinations. France’s new Covid entry requirements detail the necessary vaccinations for travelers and what to do if you test positive.

As a result of this change, border health checks have also been lifted. Travelers are no longer required to present a sworn statement at the time of entry and to pledge to undergo an antigen test or biological examination. However, foreign states may still require certain medical examinations and sworn declarations from travellers.

President Macron also confirmed that the second round of municipal elections will take place in March. However, he has also warned that the French government would need to tighten their security precautions, particularly at mass gatherings where the virus can spread. Currently, the French mainland is at the green zone virus alert level, while French Guiana and Mayotte are still on the orange zone level. These two overseas territories continue to have high numbers of cases and are still threatening the health systems.

The restrictions on travel to France have also been lifted for children under 18. In addition to lifting the restrictions, nightclubs, and other public spaces can resume. Furthermore, restrictions on eating, drinking, and standing on trains have also been lifted. Despite the lift in the restrictions, travelers are still required to wear a mask and avoid crowded spaces.

Vaccination equivalency certificate in the European format is required

In order to get a France health pass, you must have a certificate that demonstrates that you have already received the recommended vaccines. A vaccination equivalency certificate in the European-format is available from pharmacies in France. To apply for this health card, you will need your passport and a paper version of the vaccination certificate. More information on the requirements can be found on the French Ministry for Solidarity and Health’s website.

You can apply for your France health pass online or at a pharmacy. If you’re visiting France from abroad, you’ll need to provide an official vaccination certificate. The French require the pass for every visitor who is 16 years of age or older. Younger visitors are also required to present a valid vaccination certificate. The certificate will have a QR code.

The health pass is valid for trips within metropolitan France, except for long-distance travel. It’s not required for flights, but for long-distance travel like TGV train rides, most museums, and cultural events. The health pass will be effective from July 21. By the end of August, the regulations will also be applicable to public transport and cultural sites.

Before travelling, be sure to get your vaccination equivalency certificate in the European-format. This certificate is issued by health authorities in the participating EU states. EU citizens may obtain the certificate at the vaccination site or at the COVID test site. If you are from a third country, you must obtain it through the country in which you are traveling.

If you want to travel to France with a vaccination equivalency certificate, the first step is to visit the French Ministry of Health website. This website will provide you with links to pharmacies that accept the certificate in the European format. There are over 1000 pharmacies in Paris, so make sure you take note of the hours and addresses of the pharmacies nearest you.

A vaccination equivalency certificate in the European-format is needed to get a France health pass. If you have finished your initial vaccinations more than seven months ago, you will need to provide proof of booster vaccination within nine months of the last booster dose.

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