How to Cheat on the TikTok Circle Game

By Joyce VFM

The tiktok circle game is a popular puzzle game that requires teams of people to move a circle around the board. With a smaller screen, there are fewer opportunities for mistakes, and the “perfect” percentage is higher. Many players also trace objects on the screen to increase their chances of a perfect circle. As of writing, the game has nearly 26 million views.

Is it cheating?

The circle game is incredibly popular on TikTok. It has over 25 million views and tests players’ accuracy. The game rates your circle in percentages. When you get the hang of drawing perfect circles, you may even get addicted! However, there are some ways you can cheat on the game.
Is it hard to achieve a score above 90 percent?

There are many ways to get a high score in the tiktok circle game. One of these is by using the touch screen-sensitive stylus pen. This helps mimic the motor function of paper. Another way is by lying your device on a flat surface. This technique increases your “perfect circle” percentage by allowing you to make fewer mistakes.

Another way to increase your score is to draw circles as close as possible. The game app will grade you according to how close your circle was to the perfect circle. Unfortunately, the design of this game makes it extremely difficult to get a score higher than ninety percent, but there are some tricks that players have found useful. Using the touch-screen stylus will help you draw a closer circle, while playing on a smaller screen will reduce your chances of making mistakes.

Is it a game of peripheral vision

In “Strictly Come Dancing,” the first social media star was spotted playing “The Circle Game.” This trick game requires peripheral vision, motor skills, and trickery to play. The objective is to lure the opponent into looking at the offensive player’s hand. A player who manages to do so wins. The game is played by forming a circle with the thumb and forefinger below the waist.

The original game was created in the 1980s and has become a staple of schoolyards. Its popularity skyrocketed in the 2010s when an anonymous user posted a picture of a little girl in a circle formation. The picture gathered more than 980 points in just six years.

Is it a game of teamwork?

The circle game is one of the most popular games on TikTok. There are over 25 million views of the game. It tests players’ accuracy. Players are rated according to how accurately they draw a circle. Once they become good at drawing perfect circles, they may get addicted to the game.

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